Blacksmith Forged Products
Size Small "S" Hooks hand
forged from medium
carbon steel.  Perfect for
signs or to hang pots / pans
on a kitchen rack or to
hang just about anything.  
Small "S" hooks are
approximately 3 1/4 long x
1 1/2 inches wide.  Don't
settle for bending a metal
rod when you can add
quality to your project with
a hand forged hook.

$4.00 each    
+ tax & shipping
Below is a selection of the small "S" hooks available currently for
sale.  Please indicate the number(s) of the hooks you want.  Buying
more than one saves you significantly on shipping charges.
Here are the smallest "J" hooks I forge.  They make the perfect sized
hook for a key holder rack or even a hat rack.  It's hard to beat a
hand forged hook when you are looking for that added touch of
craftsmanship & quality.  Each hook will look very close to the above
hook being approximately 1 1/4 inches long.  Order several at once to
save on shipping costs.  Special bulk orders welcomed.  
$1.00 each + tax & shipping