Ground Stone
This is a very popular item at the shows I
attend each year.  I call it my "desk size"
line of reproductions.  Here we have a
mortar and pestle with the pestle being
the popular dog effigy often found on
New York State and Pennsylvania
artifacts.  Though the real artifacts are
much larger, they would also not be
practical to display in a study or office.  
The mortar is 8 inches long & 6 1/2
inches wide while the pestle is 7 3/4
inches long & 1 1/4 inches wide.  This
piece was pecked & ground just like the
ancient ones were and polished in all the
right places.  You will not find another
piece like this anywhere.  Please click
the white PayPal button to purchase.

$150.00 +tax & shipping