This piece is one from my museum
display series of works.  Such works are
made with self hardening clay and aged
to look like they have been in the ground
for many millenniums.  This pot is
modeled after a rim shard from the
Castle Creek Site in Binghamton, NY.  
It has a castellated rim and authentic
cordage work on the neck.  All work on
this was done by hand coiling and
paddling just like the ancient ones.  The
pot stands at 5 1/8 inches tall and 4 1/8
inches at its widest part. Please click
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$45.00 +tax & shipping
The above pottery vessel is made from natural clay and is pit fired just like the ancient
pieces were.  No kilns were used, only traditional methods of firing with the fire
coloring the pot as it sees fit.  The style is a Susquehannock Face Effigy pot.  This is
the real deal if you are looking for a completely traditional pot.  I would classify it as a
small size at 3 5/8 inches tall and 4 inches wide across the rim from effigy face to effigy
face.  The colors will not wash off and are the results of smoke, oxygen, minerals, and
lack of oxygen.  Fire pit fired pottery is rare because of it's high rate of failure.  Please
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$45.00 +tax & shipping
Fire Pit Fired