Shell Masks & Gorgets
Here is a museum grade reproduction of a Rattlesnake
Gorget.  Authentic artifacts as nice as this reproduction
command thousands of dollars and are very rare due to
bone needing just the right conditions to survive
thousands of years in the soil.  This type of gorget was a
hallmark of the Mississippian Culture of the South East
and was thought to represent a medicine type totem or
even a mark of a particular clan.  The Mississippian
gorgets were made exclusively from lightening whelk
shells found only on the eastern U.S. Coast.  Faithful to
all of this I went to great lengths to obtain a lightening
whelk shell to make this piece.  It measures
approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter and all holes
were first drilled out and then filed out.  No power tools
were used to make the holes and incised lines.  The two
top holes were drilled with a flint drill in order to obtain
the correct hole shape as were the circular indentations.  
A patina has been applied so that it looks as old as it
$100.00 +tax & shipping
Here is a museum grade reproduction of a  Spiro Mound Shell Mask.  
This is a rare reproduction and I know of no other person making them
but me.  Only lightening whelk shells and hand tools are used.  At 7 1/8
inches long and 5 1/4 inches at its widest part this is a super piece of
rare replica art.  A flint drill was used to create the eye & mouth holes
and the outside was given a false patina for the right look.  This piece
was marked in secret places microscopically to prevent fraudulent sales
as an authentic artifact.  This piece resides in the Quackenbush
Collection of Western New York.
$180.00 +tax & shipping